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Watch what you want, where you want. Immerse your home in HD entertainment with a HDanywhere multiroom HDTV system.

Multiroom HD from £549.00

Multiroom HD for small to medium sized homes

Most homes have up to four HDTVs and a handful of favourite media devices. Our 4x4 multiroom systems allow you to simultaneously watch any four entertainment devices on up to four HDTVs throughout your home in any combination.

Watch HDTV in 4 rooms.

Multiroom HD for larger homes

If you’re an entertainment lover with a lot of media devices or have a larger property with more than four HDTVs, then an 8x8 multiroom system could be better suited to you. Watch up to eight entertainment devices simultaneously and in any combination on up to eight HDTVs.

Watch HDTV in 8 rooms.